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Feel the power of your scooter on a really strong journey! 


For the second year in a row Birdhouse S.C. and Malmö S.C. will arrange a classic: Skåne Runt 2019!


A scooter rally primarily focused on scooter riding with the Scanian dialect (“skånska”) in focus. We will follow scooter friendly roads between the fields and along the coast. Have coffee in Scanian. Eat in Scanian. Sleep on Scanian ground. Swim in Scanian water. See Scanian farmers’ villages. See Scanian castles. Feel the feeling of ancient Scanian rockcarvings. Remember Scanian Cannonball Scooter Races. Fill our tanks at Scanian petrol stations. Perhaps even learn some Scanian. And, last but not least, we will give you memories for life :)

What is Skåne Runt?

Birdhouse Scooter Club & Malmö Scooteklubb are two Scanian scooter clubs that do not like being lazy.


Birdhouse S.C. was started in the beginning of 2018 & is based at Möllevångsgatan in Lund, while Malmö S.C is spread out over Malmö with surroundings and has existed since the spring of 2017.


Both clubs have a long experience of cooperating, and have already managed to arrange quite a few runs in the Scania and Öresund region, in spite of their short histories.


Both Birdhouse Scooter Club & Malmö Scooterklubb are local clubs under the national Svenska Scooterklubben.


Who are we?

When, where & how?

At 9.00 o’clock on the 24th of August 2019 we start from Stora Bernstorp (instead of St Knut Torg) in Malmö and ride together on carefully selected minor roads to Råbocka Camping. This tour will take all day, and you can count on us being back in Malmö at 15.00 o’clock on the next day.


Arrive with the petrol tank of your scooter filled up, and it may be a good idea to bring a spare can of petrol as well. It is also wise to bring rain clothes, swimming clothes, driver’s licence, two stroke oil, a toothbrush and last but not least a joyful mood.


A new thing for 2019 is that we will have a symbolic registration fee of SEK 50 (approx €5) to cover the costs of stickers and patch to all participators.


Birdhouse Scooter Club
Michaele Lagercrantz +46 (0)739-636200

Malmö Scooterklubb
Hans Simonen +46 (0)720-526423

We will sleep the night of Saturday 24, August at Råbocka Camping in Ängelholm, in a manner of ”you book your accommodation yourself, but at the same place”.

You book by e-mailing your name, adress & phone number to 

Officially booking are closed until the end of January, but it is already now possible to book via e-mail. If you give the code “SKÅNE RUNT 2019” you get a 10% discount.

More information about the camping can be found by looking at the homepage






The following have signed up:

Michaele Lagercrantz, Birdhouse S.C.
Hans Simonen, Malmö S.C.
Mickael Möller, Kajutan Scootergarage
Kari Käyhkö, Nyköpings Scooterister
Kaarlo Käyhkö, Nyköpings Scooterister
Cecilia Franzén, Malmö S.C.
Jens Clausen, Göteborg S.C.
Anders Bladh, Burnin' Aces S.C.
Anders Dahlström, Malmö S.C.
Micke Nilson, Lambretta Club Stockholm
Albin Nidsjö, Halmstad Scooteristas
Peter Allgoth, Malmö Scooterklubb
Marcus Palm, Halmstad Scooteristas
Tomas Wallin, Nyköpings Scooterister
Oskar Hjalmarsson, Burnin' Aces S.C.
Per Alvarsson, Burnin' Aces S.C.
Andreas Palmquist, Burnin' Aces S.C.
Olof Fransson, Lambretta Club Malmö
Mattias Johansson, Burnin' Aces S.C.
Peter Hägg, Restless S.C. Oslo (Norway)
Bengt-Ove Bitnes Hagen, Restless S.C. Oslo (Norway)
Johannes Svilosen, Restless S.C. Oslo (Norway)
Peter Hjalmarsson, Burnin' Aces S.C.
Anders Axelsson, Burnin' Aces S.C.
Isa Westberg, Blues S.C.
Leif Zadig, Vespa Club Stockholm
Tomas Olsson, Vintage Vespa Sports Club Bohuslän
Hans-Olov Karlsson, Blacksmith S.C.
Roman Voosen, Mayhem S.C.
Per-Anders Holm, Malmö S.C.
Mikael Westergren, Malmö S.C.
Daniel Goes, Göteborg S.C.
Aya Gantriis, Birdhouse S.C.
Pär Nordahl, Birdhouse S.C.
Hermann-Josef Norda, V.C. Baltic Allstars (Germany)
Mauri Alakangas, Malmö S.C.
Mats Sixtensson, Burnin' Aces S.C.
Erik Westberg, Blues S.C.
Robert Lundqvist, Malmö S.C.
Henrik Åkerblom, Lambretta Club Göteborg
CarlMagnus Johansson-Lindkvist, King Scooters
Jesper B Larsson, Lambretta Club Stockholm
Ludwig Matt, Vespa Club München (Germany)
Nadine Boller,  Vespa Club München (Germany)
Fredrik Borg, Jet Set Scooter Union
Ola Persson, Vespa Club Sydvest
Patrik Nordbeck, Lambretta Club Malmö
Henrik Börjeson, Vespa Club Lund
Magnus Lidqvist, Vespa Club Lund
Magnus Lidqvist, Söndrum Scooters
Magnus "Mamba" Ericsson, Blues Scooter Club
Sten R-Son Åqvist, Mondo Scooter Club
Mikael Frendin, Mondo Scooter Club
Magnus Mårtensson, Malmö S.C.
Jonas Janfelt, Malmö S.C.
Bjarte Austevoll, Malmö S.C.
Johan Blendberg, Lambretta Club Malmö
Jon Nordstrøm, Lambretta Club Malmö
Niklas Arvidson, Lambretta Club Malmö
Anette Tingström, Malmö S.C.
Ulf Harbeus, Svenska Scooterklubben
Hans Törnkvist, Svenska Scooterklubben
Aleksander Tomicic,  Malmö S.C.
Fredrik Lundh, Vespa Club Lund
Robin Stenvall, Bluse S.C.
Hans Rekstad, Göteborgs S.C.
Christina Rekstad,  Göteborgs S.C.
Anna Svensson, Lambretta Club Stockholm
Martin Streijffert, Malmö S.C.
Thomas Hedberg
Kristian Santesson, Svenska Scooterklubben
Alexander Kronvall, Nyköpings Scooterister
Thea Dahl Laursen, Nyköpings Scooterister
 Malkus Arlemark, Lambretta Club Malmö
Erik Hall, Malmö S.C.
Janne Verma, Malmö S.C.
Mark White, Malmö S.C.
Martin Worsley, Malmö S.C.
Kenth Ahlin, Wikens Vespa Club
Stefan Lindahl, Brunin' Aces S.C.
Gerry Lindell, Svenska Scooterklubben
Ello Lundgren, Lambretta Club Göteborg
Johan Mårtensson, King Scooters
Peter Sundfeldt, Lambretta Club Göteborg
Johan Grafström, Lambretta Club Malmö
Domenico Mangialardo, Svenska Scooterklubben
Martin Wikberg, Halmstad Scooteristas
Martin Bertram, Team Vespa Øst (Denmark)
Jimmy Olsson, Vespa Club Lund
Olaf Zwad,  V.C. Baltic Allstars (Germany)
Peo Ahlbin, King Scooters
Stéphane Hässig, King Scooters
Mattias Arvelid, RC Kärringe
Anders Bäckström, Skoghall Scooterpunx
Nikolaus Scheurer, Svenska Scooterklubben
Ulrika Gyllenhammar, Scootergaraget Göteborg
Björn Svensson
Martin Wetterstrand, Malmö S.C.
Karl Magnus Wallin
Göran Carlerhag, Nyköpings Scooterister
Jens Larsson

Registration to Skåne Runt 2019

Cellphone no  
Special diet?  

         Some rules for riding together:


  1. Right-hand traffic (RHT) applies.
  2. For all rides a front rider (Road captain) and tail rider (Tail gunner) are appointed.
  3. It is presumed everyone starts with a full tank. If someone needs to fill up during the ride, please report to the front rider. 
  4. The front rider always rides first in line and the tail rider last, both left in line. An alternate position for the tail rider is in the middle of the lane.
  5. Ride as tight as possible in a zig-zag pattern with the first scooter in the left part of the lane. Do not leave space to the scooter in front of you, to avoid full throttle and irregular riding to catch up. Do not ride abreast, it is forbidden, respect the space the scooter in front might need to “wobble”

    A good distance to the scooter in front is one to two seconds. This corresponds to two to four seconds to the scooter in front of you in the zig-zag pattern (see picture below)

  6. If the road gets narrow the zig-zag formation ends, and everyone choose their own tracks. This primarily applies to 70 km/h roads where the width of the road can be 3-4 m, when the road gets wider again the group returns to the zig-zag formation. Note how the scooter in front of you goes.
  7. Less experienced riders should ride in the front part of the group, and if possible in the right part of the lane.
  8. In case of technical problems, the tail rider stays with the one in trouble. The rest of the group continues with the front rider and stops at the first suitable place to await information from the tail rider.
  9. If someone leaves the group at a pause, do always inform the front rider before leaving.
  10. If you leave the group during the ride, do clearly point out to riders coming behind to pass and, when last in line, make the tail rider understand that you intend to leave the group.
  11. Repeat hand signals from the front rider to the tail rider. If hand signal about lack of petrol is coming from the rear it should be repeated forward. A short signal with the horn can be used to get the attention of the rider in front of you. 

         Hand signals:


  1. Stop or slow down
    Stop, lift your left hand with the palm forward. Slow down, wave up/down with the palm downwards.
  2. Need to fill up tank
    Left hand, point to tank
  3. Your indicator is on
    Left hand, alternately open and closed hand.
  4. Need to stop
    Left hand, wave up/down with the palm downwards (see point 1).


          Sound signals:


          Repeated long horn signals, an accident has happened, stop the whole group.

Riding together



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